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Multifamily Innovation® Launches Multifamily AI Summit

Phoenix, AZ – March 5, 2024 – Multifamily Innovation® announces the launch of the Multifamily Innovation® AI Summit. This pivotal event will take place in Phoenix, AZ, December 4-5, 2024, marking a significant milestone for multifamily owners, operators, and investors.

The Multifamily Innovation® and AI Summit is distinguished by its unique focus on artificial intelligence, technology, and innovation, tailored specifically for the multifamily industry. This initiative is supported by the ongoing efforts of the Multifamily Innovation® Council, which meets weekly to explore advancements and tackle challenges within the industry. The Multifamily AI summit provides comprehensive support through the, webinars, and expert discussions, culminating in an in-person event that showcases the latest products and innovations.

The Multifamily AI Summit is committed to exploring how AI can enhance efficiency and profitability within multifamily business workflows. It aims to bridge the technical aspects of AI with its practical applications, enabling businesses to transform their operations, improve customer experiences, and achieve substantial growth.

The pace of innovation often outstrips the capacity of any single individual within a company to keep up. Multifamily Innovation® recognizes this challenge and is leading the charge towards a future where innovation becomes a cornerstone of business strategy. By stepping outside traditional boundaries, we are poised to unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency and growth. 

“As we navigate the complexities of the multifamily industry, it’s clear that the path forward is paved with AI, innovation and technology. At Multifamily Innovation®, we’re not just observers of change; we’re architects of it. Our aim is to equip multifamily leaders with the tools and insights necessary to transform challenges into opportunities. By fostering a culture of continuous innovation and leveraging the power of AI, we’re setting the stage for a future where efficiency, sustainability, and profitability are not just goals, but realities for every multifamily business. Together, we’re not just building better businesses; we’re shaping the future of living,” stated Patrick Antrim, Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Council.

The Multifamily Innovation® and AI Summit will showcase ways in which AI and automation can be seamlessly integrated into your company’s operations, transforming technology from a simple tool into a powerful lever of success.

This approach to leveraging technology mirrors our broader vision for the multifamily industry: to not just keep pace with innovation, but to be at the forefront, driving it. At the Multifamily AI summit, we’ll explore how adopting and adapting to technological advancements can provide companies with a distinctive competitive edge, much like the financial strategies that have traditionally powered growth and stability. 

Join us to discover how your organization can harness the transformative power of AI and automation, paving the way for a future where technology and strategy converge to create unparalleled opportunities for innovation and profitability.

This event serves as a platform for multifamily investors, owners, operators, and executives to engage with the future of the industry. It emphasizes the use of AI and technology to drive meaningful improvements in business performance, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

We invite you to join us for this transformative experience. Whether you are seeking a competitive advantage, eager to explore new technologies, or looking to connect with industry leaders, the Multifamily Innovation® and AI Summit is the place to be. Don’t miss this opportunity to influence the future of the multifamily industry.

With already 52% of our capacity reserved, the Multifamily Innovation® and AI Summit is quickly approaching full attendance and will sell out. Reserve your spot or sponsorship now to ensure your participation in this pivotal summit. Spaces are filling up faster than anticipated.

For more information and to register, visit Multifamily AI Summit

About Multifamily Innovation®:

Multifamily Innovation® is an executive level membership organization dedicated to the pursuit of the profitable Multifamily Company. We are uniquely positioned to focus on the intersection of Leadership, AI, Technology, and Innovation. We are about Innovation that makes the business better. Not for the sake of doing something new but because it makes a difference in the bottom line, drives a better experience for our employees, and allows for an experience that keeps demand strong for our companies. Multifamily Innovation® is for Multifamily Business leaders who want to unlock value inside their organization so they can create better experiences and drive profitability inside their company.

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