Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council

1.6 Million apartment units represented on target to reach 3 million by 4th Qtr 2022.

Pockets of brilliance rest inside companies and the goal is to use our platform to create trusted circles of prosperity.

With the right mindset, we can access the benefits of collaboration if we’re more open to conversations. Multifamily is strong and its resources are closer and more accessible than you think.

Join a Community of Forward Thinking Multifamily Owners & Operators

Council members must own or manage Multifamily Apartments with 1,500+ units under management. Council members pay annual dues of $1,800. This includes weekly zoom events and VIP access to the annual meeting at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit.
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Every Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council Member will have access to weekly meetings. 

  • 1 hour meeting per week (not required to attend all meetings)
  • Must be a Multifamily Owner, Operator
  • No sales inside these meetings

Every year in December, the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council will meet in-person at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit. This event will celebrate the Multifamily Innovation® Awards as well as the Best Places to Work Multifamily®.

Weekly and annual events are included in the dues. Multifamily Innovation® Council Members do not pay for event registration.

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Event Recordings & Special Guest Speakers

Every Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council Member will have access to annual summit recordings and special guest speakers.

  • Business Growth & Mindset
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Leadership & Process

Members Area & Community

Council profiles, meeting recordings, connections, content, messaging, and discussions all in one place.

Members share ideas, get feedback, and host discussions. Each member will be able to understand the profile of operations as well as gain access to one to one connections.

Who Can Apply?

  • Council members must own or manage Multifamily Apartments with 1,500+ units under management
  • Council members pay annual dues of $1,800. Includes weekly zoom events and VIP access to the annual meeting at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit. If you cannot increase revenues $1,800 or reduce costs $1,800 through the innovations discussed at the weekly zoom meetings or the summit, just let us know within 24 hours of the summit and we will refund you the $1,800.

*Membership by application.

  • Gain insider access to leading technologies without investing in a venture capital fund
  • Learn from proven operators about deploying and using different types of technology
  • Share best practices with other leading operators regarding deployment and use of innovative technologies
  • Reduce risks associated with innovation and enhance the optimization of successful implementation
  • Create synergies while identifying new innovations, driving top line growth and EBITDA growth
  • Develop personally and professionally while building relationships with high level Multifamily Owners/Operators committed to success
  • Save time and $$$ understanding products and technologies that enter the market
  • Multiply your voice in beta testing product enhancements of current and future innovative products, services, and technology
  • Complimentary VIP ticket to Attend the annual meeting at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit

A Multifamily Companies ability to innovate is a key factor for sustained growth, economic viability, increased well-being, and the development of communities. The innovation capabilities of the operations include the ability to understand and respond to changing conditions of its context, to pursue new opportunities, and to leverage the knowledge and creativity of people within the organization, and in collaboration with external interested parties.

  • Increased ability to manage uncertainty within Multifamily portfolios,
  • Increased growth, revenues, profitability, and competitiveness within the Multifamily Industry,
  • Reduced costs and waste, and increased productivity and resource efficiency,
  • Improved sustainability and resilience,
  • Increased satisfaction of renters, employees, investors, and other interested parties,
  • Sustained renewal of the portfolio of offerings,
  • Engaged and empowered people in the organization,
  • Increased ability to attract partners, collaborators, and funding,
  • Enhanced reputation and valuation of the organization, and
  • Facilitated compliance with regulations and other relevant requirements.

Application Process


Prospective members will submit an application.

Application Review

Members of the Innovation® Council will review new submissions.


Membership will be offered to those who are approved.

Join Meetings

Next steps will be provided to new members as they join the council.

Stop Spending Time Watching Webinars​

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See How Others Like You Are Getting Value From The Multifamily Innovation® Council!

Jon K. Taylor, CPA

Executive Vice President, CFO & Treasurer at WRH Income Properties, Inc.

“Their Multifamily Innovation Council is an example of acting on the right vision at the right time. Any leader who quests excellence, is secure enough to be sharpened, desires to help others, and has the foresight to leverage innovation will find a significant value add through the Innovation Council.”

Mike Brewer

Chief Operating Officer RADCO Residential

The Multifamily Innovation Council allows me to see the signal in the noise. Gone are the days when I must sit through endless sales pitches without understanding which technologies truly meet the needs of my business. The Council takes the hard work out of making informed business decisions.”

Kesha Fisher

Sr Director, Greystar

The Multifamily Innovation Advisory Council has been a pleasure to participate in. Interacting with multifamily professionals in all business lines discussing how innovation decisions have impacted their bottom line is awesome. No sales pitches, just real experiences from the best in the biz”

Michael Brown

EVP Operations

Asset Living

” I am glad that I can participate by offering my experience and opinions and hearing what others from varying business perspectives are facing as well. The collective and collaborative interaction provides great fodder for further discussion with my teams and clients which is a true value

Rachael Kish

Director of Property Management – Christopher Todd Communities

“The Council supports better decision making by eliminating silos, encouraging an ecosystem of collaborative and imaginative spaces where operators become problem solvers and innovators, effectively curating a database of valuable feedback for our industry partners without operators having to engage them directly”

Daryl Smith

Chief Marketing Officer -Kettler

“The Multifamily Innovation Council is a diverse group of intra-disciplinary professionals obsessed with a vision for innovation that will inspire the next generation of multifamily operations and leaders. I am extremely excited to participate in this Council. The discussions are timely and strategic, while inspiring me to imagine the calculus of innovation and its impact on our consumers and our operations.”

Kim Boland

Director of Digital Marketing – Morgan Properties

The Multifamily Innovation Council allows me to not feel alone when evaluating and implementing new programs. This Council helps me realize that other people are having or have had the same or similar experiences as I am. Listening to feedback from other operators and seeing how they have planned, tackled, and succeeded in rolling out technology programs allows me to know that challenges are normal and success is possible. Because of this group, I know I have a group of leaders who can help guide me thru my journey.

Join a Community of Forward Thinking Multifamily Owners & Operators

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