December 4-5, 2024 - Phoenix, Arizona


Multifamily Innovation® & AI Summit

The people and companies redefining the Multifamily Industry

The Multifamily Innovation® & AI Summit is for Multifamily Business leaders who want to unlock value of AI inside their organization so they can create better experiences and drive profitability inside their company.  

Event attendees are high-level achievers who are committed to making their business better, redefining the future of multifamily, and in pursuit of personal and professional success to make a positive impact on their investors, employees, customers, and communities.

What’s your vision for your Multifamily Company and who can you connect with to help you get there? At the Summit, you will gain access to the perspectives from top Multifamily Executives so you can avoid pitfalls and gain new perspectives for your business. You will have access to people and companies that are implementing new products, working through pilot programs, and designing their business with people that are thinking deeply about making their Multifamily business better. This event also recognizes the Best Places to Work Multifamily® companies. You don’t have to be involved in the awards program or the Innovation Council to attend this event. Attendees will learn to bring together their technology initiatives with strong, internal-proven Multifamily leadership processes.

The Profitable Multifamily Company

This event is for Multifamily Owners, Operators, Developers, Third Party Operators who are looking to take control of their business so they can steer it in the direction they want it to go regardless of what happens in the news or markets.

Innovate, Connect, Succeed:

The Multifamily Innovation Experience

Ticket Pricing

Individual Event Ticket Options

Multifamily Owner/Operator

$ 1497

Save $400.00 today or register later and pay $1,897

  • VIP All Access Multifamily Operators – Must own or professionally manage Multifamily apartments.
  • Ticket includes every event, session, and activity over the 2 days. Including lunch, dinner and cocktails on Day 1 and lunch and cocktails on Day 2.
  • Suppliers, Vendors, Consultants to managers or owners must sponsor or register as a vendor attend.

Multifamily Vendor


Save $1,000 today or register later and pay $4,500

  • VIP All Access Multifamily Vendors – Individuals that provide professional services to Multifamily Apartment Owners and/or Managers.
  • Registrations includes every event, session, and activity over the 2 days. Including lunch, dinner and cocktails on Day 1 lunch and cocktails on Day 2.
  • Consultants, Vendors, Suppliers to Multifamily Professionals.

With so many Multifamily Conferences to Attend...Why This One?

What we do at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit is different from any event you will attend.

And….after attending will leave you saying “this is the one Multifamily event I can’t miss each year.”

How is this different from other events?

First, we meet with a diverse group of Multifamily Executives that are leading some of the largest and most innovative companies every Friday. We do this all year long through the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council.

We meet not just to identify the right technologies but understand how they work inside Multifamily businesses.

Council members are learning to avoid pitfalls, implement new processes, structure communication to their teams, and gain insights from big Multifamily operators on what they are learning through the programs they implement. It’s peer to peer networking at its finest. Executive leaders are meeting new peers that share the same goals.

Each week these discussions are with Multifamily Executives that are in the trenches with their teams. These are peer to peer discussions from those deeply invested in the process.

They’re sharing their results, challenges, and their opportunities ahead.

At the Summit, we will bring these big ideas that we develop together all year long to the annual Multifamily Innovation® Summit. Through the council is how we scout and discover speakers for our events.

This event is our opportunity to share with the world the proven best practices for the collision taking place with AI, technology, multifamily operations, and leadership.

This event will help people get a better inside look at Multifamily Operations so that better products emerge in the market and are ready are for acceptance.

Why is this important for Multifamily Executives?

You are out of time, can’t attend every sales demo, and need to think strategically about what to do next to support your vision.

You respect and value peer to peer discussions from people moving through similar technologies and processes that can accelerate growth and minimize risk in your business.

You understand that investors, lenders, and employees want to work with companies that have the right strategies in place to serve the customer of today and tomorrow.

Additionally, you can’t learn everything inside sales conversations. These sales demos and meetings only go so far and you purchase products that don’t do what they promised. This process ties up an enormous amount of payroll to discover and then customize products for your business.

Why is this important to the Technology Provider/Vendor?

You get access to top Multifamily Executives that are motivated to build a modern business.

You and your team get access to a feedback loop to understand the business better. This is an event you want to send your product teams to attend, not just sales people.

No need to give up equity in your product to access this type of feedback.

You will learn all about implementations, pilot programs, and what makes them successful from the operators point of view.

You and your teams will have better insights into how operators design their workflows, direct their teams, and how they communicate product roll outs.

Knowing this can support your sales and implementation teams for designing successful roll outs that don’t distract from core business initiatives.

What are we learning inside the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council?

These weekly meetings tell us that technology providers are spending time trying to go to market hiring salespeople trying to get these Multifamily Executives inside these demo conversations.

However, the deep understanding of how these organizations operate is requiring in some cases, customizations to products for them to work effectively.

This is more cost to the technology provider and their engineering teams. Get out in front of these deep customizations and discover how products need to work and the use cases for certain levels of employees.

Every company is different so it’s tough to build products. When you understand the different asset classes across portfolios, how they operate, and clarity around their investment objectives this will allow you to get products accepted faster and without unnecessary costs.

Attend to get better with the collision between these new technology providers and operators.

You will leave with even more friends, new business, and a better understanding of the realities of the Multifamily Business Operator so you can work together to make the Multifamily Industry and our businesses even better.

Check Who Makes This Event Possible!

Our Event Sponsors

Alex OBrien, President Cardinal Group Management

This award is a testament to building a company that is built on Culture first. To all team members – past and present – thank you for being a part of this Team and a part of the Cardinal Story.

Todd Farrell, President Lennar Multifamily Communities - LMC

LMC was fortunate to win this award in 2016, especially given that we were only five years old and growing so quickly. It was a great honor to win, and it showed that as a company, our people feel very engaged, that their work matters, that their voice is heard, and that they are proud to be at LMC. But participating in the Best Places to Work in Multifamily program is far more than just a contest that we’d like to win.

Sue Ansel, President & CEO Gables Residential

Gables is proud to be nominated for such a distinguished award. This award is meaningful as it encompasses everything we strive to do every day not only for our customers, but also for our associates, investors and community. Our company knows that our greatest asset and distinguishing strength is our people. This nomination helps to reaffirm that what we work towards every day makes a difference.

"Jay" Madary, President and CEO JVM

JVM is proud to be included on this list for the second year in a row. Associate engagement, satisfaction, and well-being are the cornerstone of how we operate. As we continue on this path, we only hope to improve upon the strong foundation which we have worked so hard to develop.

Walt Smith, CEO Avenue5 Residential

We are honored to employ the most talented, dynamic, and service-oriented associates in the multifamily industry. I’m inspired when I see that our associates are energized by our culture. We are grateful to our associates for making Avenue5 one of the best places to work in multifamily, and look forward to providing them with continued opportunities for growth as we expand and evolve.

Heather Riggs, Vice President of Multifamily Operations Continental Properties

We have created an atmosphere where team members are encouraged to share their ideas, develop their careers in a way that utilizes their passions and skills, and contribute to our success. As an organization, we feel it is our honor and responsibility to provide our team members with the support and resources to be the CEO of their area and provide the best service possible to their customers and team.

Melissa Smith, Chief Administrative Officer Fogelman

We are honored to be recognized as one of the nation’s leading multifamily property management and investment firms,” “We pride ourselves on cultivating a truly authentic company culture that remains focused on family and allows our associates to go above and beyond to show our customers the Fogelman Difference. The team is thrilled to see Fogelman associates being nationally recognized for both the culture and exceptional performance they work hard to create every day.

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