Multifamily Operator Insights with AI & Automation Expert Patrick Antrim

Discover the inspiring journey of Patrick Antrim, the visionary founder of, as he transitions from the high-stakes world of professional sports to the multifamily real estate industry. Patrick’s early influences in real estate come from his grandmother, but his unexpected career with the New York Yankees provides him with invaluable lessons on excellence, branding, and teamwork, often referred to as the “Yankee way.”

Through nostalgic recollections, Patrick reveals how the discipline and community spirit of baseball have shaped his leadership philosophy, which he now applies to revolutionizing the real estate industry.

At just 24 years old, Patrick took a bold leap from the baseball diamond to the boardroom. Guided by mentorship from the Hon. George Argyros, the former owner of the Seattle Mariners, Patrick learned to navigate the complexities of the multifamily real estate market. His story underscores the significance of finding the right mentors, creating fail-safe environments, and pushing the limits of what’s possible. Patrick’s high-performance expectations and insights into motivating and managing teams provide a unique perspective on the parallels between sports and business.

As we explore the future of work and the transformative potential of AI, Patrick introduces nectarflow™, an AI-driven initiative designed to tackle industry challenges head-on. Through engaging discussions on unlearning outdated methods, fostering innovation, and building community, Patrick emphasizes the importance of rapid failure as a tool for growth. Wrapping up the episode, we delve into the challenges of integrating siloed technologies and the innovative solutions nectarflow™ offers to streamline business processes. Join us for a compelling episode packed with insights on leadership, innovation, and the journey from sports to business.

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