AI: The New Multifamily Value Add

On today’s episode, Patrick Antrim, CEO of and Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Council, brings his perspective on leveraging AI and technology in the multifamily industry to reposition properties.

Patrick emphasizes that the core purpose of multifamily investments is to create value, both for investors seeking yields and for residents seeking housing solutions. He highlights the increasing challenges in the industry, such as rising capital costs and construction delays, which necessitate a shift towards more efficient business operations. AI and automation, according to Patrick, are the new value-adds that can unlock efficiencies and profitability that traditional physical upgrades might not achieve.

Lauren Stinson, VP of Strategic Marketing & Media at Multifamily Leadership, provides her insights on the transformative potential of AI in real estate. She notes that AI offers a non-physical value addition that can yield immediate returns, revolutionizing how properties are managed and valued.

Throughout the conversation, Patrick delves deep into the benefits of integrating AI into multifamily operations. He argues that technology isn’t just about replacing tasks but enhancing the capabilities of employees, making their work more enjoyable and error-free. This, in turn, supports a healthier business ecosystem where investors achieve their returns, residents receive quality service, and employees engage in meaningful work.

The discussion also covers the practical aspects of adopting AI in multifamily settings. Patrick describes how aids companies in integrating AI seamlessly into their existing processes, improving decision-making and operational efficiency without the heavy upfront investments typically associated with new technologies. He explains that AI can simplify complex processes, reduce redundancy, and ultimately enhance profitability by allowing businesses to scale operations more effectively.

The episode concludes with an open invitation from Patrick to explore the possibilities with, encouraging listeners to reach out and learn more about how can tailor solutions to their specific business needs and create unprecedented value in their operations.

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