What You Might Not Know If You Lease The Old Way, Leasing Trends Never Seen Before

Windell Mollenido is the Marketing Director for The REMM Group. He has nearly 20 years of experience working in marketing and website development for real estate companies. He has worked in-depth with using AI to help lease apartments online and alleviate staffing issues.

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The REMM Group is a real estate management company based in southern California. They stay on the innovative edge of technology and use the company’s extensive experience to help grow the value of their properties.

In This Episode

Patrick and Windell discuss the following:

  • How to roll out any new technology or innovation
  • How AI is helping improve the leasing experience and is becoming a necessary standard across all aspects of the industry
  • What AI can be used for in multifamily businesses
  • Why AI isn’t something to be afraid of (it’s already all around us!)
  • What the next step for AI working with the in-person team looks like
  • Why “I’m afraid my robot will tell my customers the wrong information” isn’t a problem with the right preparation
  • What the evolution of AI has looked like over the last several years
  • How to find the right company to help you on your company’s journey

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