Winning with Company Culture featuring Jamin Harkness

Patrick Antrim, CEO and Founder of Multifamily Leadership, prompts Jamin Harkness to talk about what he went through transitioning his business to remote work and building a winning company culture. Harkness is the Executive Vice President of The Management Group (TMG), a company that’s ranked three times on the Best Places to Work Multifamily® list.

The Fully Connected Community featuring Demetrios Barnes

Demetrios Barnes, the Co-Founder of SmartRent, says in the future, every element of a home needs to be connected online. That means from the front gate to the operational tasks, everything should be online and have corresponding software connecting those things. SmartRent serves over 2,000 customers and was recently recognized as one of the Best Places to Work Multifamily®.

The Psychological Impact of a Vibrant Community featuring Fatima Dicko

Having a vibrant community means having connectivity among your residents. The company Sugar was named on the concept of borrowing a cup of sugar – something that involves friendly interaction, a conversation and building of trust that can bring you closer, and a shared moment that enhances friendships. Nothing will make people renew a lease like feeling part of a community.

Construction Transformation to Urban Elegant Living featuring Dale Phillips

In May of 2018, Stellar Residential was invited to participate in a project. Initially, that was intended for their contributions in property management, but that changed. They started getting involved with the selection process with the architect and design team, then the general contractors. Dale Phillips created a comprehensive marketing plan with a “Vision Session” where the team brainstormed ideas.