A Technology That Helps Identify Quality Leads and Convert More Rentals

Today’s renter wants control over the leasing process and access to information wherever, whenever, but today’s leasing team simply can’t keep up. On this episode, Patrick Antrim and Robert Turnbull explore Multifamily’s most adopted digital leasing solution providing renters the information they want 24/7/365 anywhere on the Internet.

Investments at Different Stages of the Apartment Lifecycle

Real estate is a unique industry that faces unique challenges. When you seek out new technology, you should be careful about the investment. Tom Spahn talks about what to look for in the investments and commitments you make, how to know whether that product will be a good fit for your company long-term, and how to spot a truly great team.

Winning with Company Culture featuring Jamin Harkness

Patrick Antrim, CEO and Founder of Multifamily Leadership, prompts Jamin Harkness to talk about what he went through transitioning his business to remote work and building a winning company culture. Harkness is the Executive Vice President of The Management Group (TMG), a company that’s ranked three times on the Best Places to Work Multifamily® list.