Leverage Your Multifamily Business Model to Improve a Resident’s Life

Nice Healthcare gives residents access to cost-effective healthcare right in their apartment.

In this episode, we sit down with John Young, who is the Senior Vice President of Growth at Nice Healthcare, and Kelly Krasner, the Vice President of Growth.

Why are we talking about healthcare for residents in a Multifamily Podcast? Because smart investors focus on long term investments in “community” to support a positive brand.

As property owners, we’re providing so many essential services like running water, utilities, access to communications with internet, TV, Wi-Fi services. Right now we’re looking at better ways to provide these services – if that be solar or participation in revenue sharing for these services.

Our residents have purchasing power over these things. In other words, the money they’re not spending with us is going to these things. It’s good business to increase the purchasing power of your residents.

We want our residents to be successful, and healthy.

Just like our employees. We know that when we invest in health programs for our employees, we see that as an investment with great returns. It’s good for all.

4.5 million people quit their jobs in March alone. And that’s been going on for a while now. So where do people get access to healthcare if they’re no longer working?

Imagine you could offer at your apartment community comprehensive, on demand, in-home and virtual care that’s affordably priced and delivered by highly trained clinicians.

Our guests are redesigning comprehensive healthcare for Multifamily residents by utilizing a mix of technology and in-home care. They offer your residents in-home and virtual primary care, virtual mental health therapy, and virtual physical therapy services.

In this week’s episode, we covered:

  • How to reach Alpha Returns that go beyond what other operators achieve
  • Why removing the “middleman” can increase revenue for multifamily properties and improve the resident experience
  • Where residents are spending their money and what the multifamily industry can do to help that process
  • How healthcare access is a huge boon for residents and why it makes perfect sense for multifamily
  • What current customers do to try to keep access to Nice Healthcare after moving because they love it so much

Curious if this would work in your apartment community? Talk to a Nice Healthcare expert.

Connect with John Young on LinkedIn
Senior VP of Growth at Nice Healthcare

Connect with Kelly Krasner on LinkedIn
VP of Growth at Nice Healthcare

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