The Multifamily Investment Secret They Don’t Want You to Know: The Hidden Storm Damage Threat

Do you know the biggest threat to your multifamily investments? It’s not a market crash or a natural disaster, it’s something much closer to home.

In this episode, Patrick is joined by Marc Ness, Founder of WeatherShield. Marc is a construction expert with 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, who will reveal the hidden storm damage threat that could cost you your investments and the secret to protecting them.

Marc is a seasoned expert in the property insurance claims and construction industry, with a background that spans over two decades. He grew up in central Iowa where he developed a love for construction and worked in lumber yards and construction companies before starting his own construction company while in college.

After working for one of the top 5 insurance carriers for almost 20 years, Marc went on to oversee operations for a commercial roofing company, where he saw first-hand the challenges that multifamily and commercial real estate investors face in their investment and asset management strategies. Marc recognized a gap and created WeatherShield, a company that helps investors and property managers avoid making costly mistakes related to storm damage.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Why multifamily investors and property managers seem lack awareness the resulting effects of storm damage.
  • What things need to be considered if someone thinks they have storm damage and are considering filing a claim.
  • The biggest opportunities being missed by multifamily investors.
  • Common mistakes real estate investors and property managers make when it comes to managing storm damage risk.
  • The importance for investors to have a thorough evaluation of their properties by someone trained in storm damage evaluations.
  • Overview of WeatherShield and it’s helping the industry, how to learn more and how to get in touch with Marc.

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Multifamily Leadership Recognizes the Best Places to Work in Multifamily® for Women

December 20, 2022 – Scottsdale, AZ — Multifamily Leadership is thrilled to announce the national ranking of the Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women. This list recognizes organizations that have created positive and supportive cultures for women and have participated in the Best Places to Work Multifamily® program.

To be eligible for the Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women ranking, companies must have a minimum of 15 females working for them, or 25% of their workforce, whichever is greater. In addition, the response rate from women must be 40% or higher, unless the total number of women at the company is less than 25, in which case the response rate must be 80% or higher. The rankings are determined by the percentage of positive responses from women, from largest to smallest.

In its 8th year, the Best Places to Work Multifamily® program continues to fulfill its mission to advance leadership and innovation for multifamily professionals by recognizing those organizations who own, manage, and support apartment communities nationwide and who are making an impact in the world through employee engagement.

The rigorous assessment process evaluated each company’s employee policies and procedures as well as responses from the company’s employees. The program is part of a long-term initiative to encourage growth and excellence throughout the Multifamily Apartment Industry and to attract new leaders to the industry.

“We are proud to recognize and celebrate the companies that have earned a spot on this prestigious list. These organizations have demonstrated a commitment to creating positive and inclusive environments for their employees, and we are excited to see them being recognized for their efforts. The multifamily industry plays a vital role in the U.S. economy, and the Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women program highlights the industry’s focus on people and its overall potential,” said Carrie Antrim, Co-Founder of Multifamily Women®.

This program is a valuable resource for employees in the multifamily industry, as it provides a platform for them to share their experiences and have their voices heard. It is not influenced by judges from suppliers or company volunteers, or by sponsorship or fundraising campaigns. Instead, it is a true representation of the opinions and perspectives of those working in the industry.

The 2023 Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women, in ranking order, are:

1. NorthPoint Management
2. Zocalo Community Development
3. FCI Residential
4. Luves Management LLC DBA City Heights Asset Management LLC
6. Perennial Properties
7. The Garrett Companies
8. Passco Companies
9. Peg Property Management Group
10. Stoa Group
11. Leonardo247, Inc.
13. Picerne Real Estate Group
14. Respage
15. The KSC Group
16. Scully Company
17. Eenhoorn, LLC
18. Weller Management
19. Knock CRM
20. Hankin Apartments
22. RealSource Properties
23. Apartment Dynamics, LLC
24. SYNC Residential
25. RentDebt Automated Collections
26. Berger Rental Communities
27. PLK Communities
28. The Franklin Johnston Group
29. IMT Residential
29. The Westover Companies
30. Baron Properties
31. Rently
32. Presidium
33. GoldOller Real Estate Investments
34. ITEX
35. The REMM Group
36. Portico Property Management
37. Indus Communities
38. The Life Properties
39. Northland Investment Corporation
40. JVM Realty
41. Mission Rock Residential, LLC
42. Carter-Haston Real Estate Services, Inc.
43. The RADCO Companies
44. Alco Management, Inc.
45. Laramar Group
46. Marquis Asset Management
47. Security Properties Residential LLC
48. Ashford Communities
49. Zego
50. Avanti Residential
51. Lantower Residential
52. ResProp Management
53. GrayCo Properties, LLC
54. Decron Properties
55. DASMEN Residential
56. Peak Properties
57. Lawson
58. Keener Management

Media Contact:
Patrick Antrim (480) 780-3522
Source: Multifamily Leadership, LLC


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Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council Recognizes PropTech Entrepreneur Kerry W. Kirby with Inaugural Bootstrapper Award

PHOENIXDec. 13, 2022 — Patrick Antrim, Founder and CEO of Multifamily Leadership and Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council, introduced a new award at the 2022 Multifamily Innovation® Summit held in Phoenix, Arizona on December 7-8, 2022. The first recipient of the Multifamily Innovation® Bootstrapper Award is Kerry W. Kirby, Founder and CEO of 365 Connect, a leading PropTech firm exclusively serving the multifamily housing industry.

two men in suits standing on a red carpet holding a crystal award
Kerry W. Kirby and Patrick Antrim on the red carpet at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit in Phoenix, Arizona

The Multifamily Innovation® Bootstrapper Award recognizes entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses without raising rounds of venture capital or relying on funding from external sources. The award celebrates those who have focused on creating great products and services that serve the needs of multifamily owners and operators, while providing ongoing support to their clients.

Prior to founding 365 Connect in 2003, Kerry developed and invested in apartment communities across the Southern United States. It was through his work as a developer that he saw the need to provide technology services that would bridge the gap between properties, prospects, and residents. A technologist at heart, Kerry holds 97 technology awards, founded the largest media site in the multifamily industry, and is the co-host of the longest running podcast series in our space. He serves on the Board of Advisors of Rainbow, a national nonprofit organization in the affordable housing industry and as Chair of Technology Initiatives for the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council. Kerry, and his wife Melinda, are fixtures in the philanthropic community, where they support several initiatives focused on educational, healthcare, and equality programs through their charitable foundation.

“We are thrilled to recognize Kerry for his contributions to the multifamily industry through his innovative achievements in technology,” said Patrick Antrim. “Kerry’s passion for technology and his dedication to improving the lives of renters through his work make him a deserving recipient of the first-ever Multifamily Innovation® Bootstrapper Award. This award celebrates the hard work and dedication of visionary entrepreneurs who build thriving businesses without relying on venture capital, and we are proud to recognize Kerry as a leader in this category.”

Kerry W. Kirby stated, “What an honor to receive this highly prestigious inaugural award from an organization that truly focuses on innovation in our industry. With over 43 million Americans calling a rental apartment their home, we have remained focused on reimagining workflows that will better serve renters and eliminate redundant tasks, while not being distracted by outside funding. I am proud to be an integral part of our industry and humbled to be recognized by my industry peers.”

To learn more about the Multifamily Innovation® Summit and the Multifamily Innovation® Bootstrapper Award, visit

ABOUT THE MULTIFAMILY INNOVATION® SUMMIT: The Multifamily Innovation® Summit is a premier industry event with notable, thought-provoking speakers, informal peer-to-peer discussions, and unparalleled educational content. The two-day summit focuses on managing the apartment of the future, shifting paradigms in digital leasing, and the power of leveraging people as a competitive advantage. For more information visit

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Multifamily Leadership Announces Finalists for the 2023 Best Places to Work Multifamily®

Scottsdale, AZ (October 21, 2022) – The national finalists for the official Best Places to Work Multifamily® will be honored during the upcoming Multifamily Innovation® Summit on December 7-8, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona.

At the Summit, each company will learn how they ranked nationally amongst the other participants and will be recognized on stage for their incredible achievement. 

An exciting new development with the awards this year is the addition of categories.

68 of the finalists are Multifamily Management/Owners. 24 of those finalists were ranked in the 1- 4,999 units category. 37 were ranked in the 5,000 – 19,999 units category and 7 were ranked in the 20,000+ units category.

As a separate category, 15 Multifamily Suppliers/Vendor finalists will learn how they rank nationally. 

And finally, 58 of the finalists will find out how they rank on the Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women list.

In its 8th year, the Best Places to Work Multifamily® program continues to fulfill its mission to advance leadership and innovation for multifamily professionals by recognizing those organizations who own, manage, and support apartment communities nationwide and who are making an impact in the world through employee engagement.

“This is our opportunity to showcase the hard work, loyalty, and dedication of everyone who helps make the multifamily industry what it is today. We love recognizing the people within these incredible companies every year and showcasing what they’re doing in order to receive this honored distinction within the multifamily industry. These are the best of the best building healthy organizations from the ground up,” stated Carrie Antrim, CO-Founder of Multifamily Women®.

Patrick Antrim, CEO of Multifamily Leadership explained, “Next generation leaders want to know their company is making a positive impact in the world. Companies have been measuring resident satisfaction for years and the leading indicator for organizational success is the link between employee engagement and the resident experience. Employees are presented with hundreds of opportunities each day to be their best, but it’s the behavior that drives a successful organization, not satisfaction or size. The Best Places to Work Multifamily® companies have stepped up to play that role and will have a much bigger voice in the future.”

The national research and benchmarking program demonstrates the industry’s focus on people, while illustrating its overall potential— as it annually contributes more than 3.4 trillion-dollars to the U.S. economy and supports more than 17.5 million jobs. 

Leaders who are looking to drive their teams forward are encouraged to register and attend the upcoming Multifamily Innovation® Summit on December 7-8, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona, regardless if they’re participating in the Best Places to Work Multifamily® Program. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available and can be secured here as well for those who want to get their brands in front of these top CEOs and decision-makers not only at the Summit but across all of Multifamily Leadership’s social media platforms, broadcast emails, and website. 

So, without further ado, the 2023 Best Places to Work Multifamily® finalists arranged alphabetically are:

Alco Management, Inc.
Apartment Dynamics, LLC
Ashford Communities
Avanti Residential
Baron Properties
Berger Rental Communities
Carter-Haston Real Estate Services, Inc.
Chestnut Hill Realty
City Heights Asset Management LLC
Confluence Communities
Continental Properties
Croatan Investments
DASMEN Residential
Decron Properties
Eenhoorn, LLC
FCI Residential
Fogelman Properties
Frankforter Group
Gables Residential
Ginsburg Development Companies, LLC
GoldOller Real Estate Investments
GrayCo Properties, LLC
Hankin Apartments
IMT Residential
Indus Communities
JVM Realty
Keener Management
Knock CRM
Lantower Residential
Laramar Group
Leonardo247, Inc.
LURIN Property Management
Marquis Asset Management
Mission Rock Residential, LLC
Morgan Properties
MRI Software
Northland Investment Corporation
NorthPoint Management
O’Brien Realty Group
Passco Companies
Peak Properties
Peg Property Management Group
Perennial Properties
Picerne Real Estate Group
PLK Communities
Poole & Poole Architecture, LLC
Portico Property Management
RealSource Properties
Redwood Property Investors, LLC
RentDebt Automated Collections
ResProp Management
Scully Company
Security Properties Residential LLC
Stoa Group
StoneRiver Company
SYNC Residential
The Bascom Group
The Franklin Johnston Group
The Garrett Companies
The KSC Group
The Life Properties
The Prime Company
The RADCO Companies
The REMM Group
The Westover Companies
Valiant Residential
Weller Management
Zocalo Community Development

Patrick Antrim
480-719-4409 x101

Introducing New Products in a World of Rising Costs

Meeting Recap: Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council

The Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council now has over 1.5 million apartment units being represented. The council is on track to grow to north of 3 million units by end of year, with a focus of being the catalyst for innovation, through delivering insight to leaders across the industry.

This show is where we report back key trends and findings from within these meetings so that the industry can advance and build technologies that knock down problems or create bigger and better futures for Multifamily companies.

A Multifamily Companies ability to innovate is a key factor for sustained growth, economic viability, increased well-being, and the development of communities.