Shaping the Future of the Connected Apartment

Sean Miller is the President of PointCentral, provider of the leading IOT platform for residential property managers to improve their profitability through increased operational efficiencies, asset protection, and resident amenities. He has almost 10 years of professional experience with B2B and B2C IOT/home automation technology.

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Sean Miller on the future technology that is here and how it can help us evolve with the needs of our customers, and knowing how to derive more value from the platform.

In This Episode

Patrick and Sean talk about the following:

  • What people should be thinking about when it comes to smart home platforms and IOT devices.
  • How property owners and operators, third-party managers, and investors impact the decisions of developers of smart home platforms and products.
  • What it is like working with PointCentral based on the experience of property managers and owners of the Cedars District community.
  • The opportunities available for B and C properties in terms of ROI, cost savings, efficiencies, and other operational aspects.
  • The different people and departments that work together to market and deploy PointCentral’s smart home solutions.
  • What makes people more comfortable and confident in making sure it is the right decision to use PointCentral’s smart home platform.
  • What happens after having a smart home platform in place and what platform support and updates are available.
  • How smart home platforms are evolving from reactive to proactive.
  • Collecting not just the right data points but turning that into useful information.
  • What Sean is excited about right now.
  • The conversations happening today when it comes to using smart home platforms and where people are getting stuck in terms of adopting these solutions.
  • What’s next for PointCentral and
  • Sean’s advice to growing and innovative management companies that are looking to move forward in all aspects of the business.
  • How management companies can build better teams so these types of partnerships can be successful.
  • The Innovation Showcase in November.
  • The best way for people to work with the sales team and development team of PointCentral.

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