Moshe Crane, VP of Strategic Initiatives and Branding at Sage Ventures

In an industry often seduced by buzzwords and herd mentality, the latest episode of the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast with host Patrick Antrim offers a vital antidote. Featuring guest Moshe Crane, VP of Strategic Initiatives and Branding at Sage Ventures, this episode is an urgent call to action for every high-level executive who wants to stay ahead in the multifamily landscape.

Are you relying too much on conventional wisdom and the so-called ‘best practices’? Moshe Crane urges you to think again. He shines a spotlight on the pitfalls of conforming to industry norms without critical evaluation, and elevates the discourse around what truly drives profitability—original thinking and proactive leadership.

This isn’t just another conversation about being “innovative” or “thinking outside the box.” Crane emphasizes that the key to sustained success and resilience, especially during economic turbulence, lies in the continuous pursuit of knowledge. Both he and Patrick advocate for a state of perpetual curiosity, which not only prevents professional burnout but also equips you with the insights needed to make data-driven decisions and seize untapped opportunities.

Are you merely a participant in the industry, or are you shaping its future? If you’re content with the status quo, this episode might just disrupt your complacency. Crane brings to the table his unique pleasure in market analysis, revealing how looking at things from a different angle can uncover hidden gems and identify untapped revenue streams. It’s not about following the crowd; it’s about setting the pace.

If you aim to be more than just another name in the industry—if you want to be an influential leader driving change—then missing this episode is not an option. Go beyond the noise and tap into something transformational. It’s time to stop following and start leading.

Don’t let your competitors get this edge. Tune in now. #multifamilyinnovation

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