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Technology and the Reposition of Multifamily Assets

Patrick Antrim November 21, 2018

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Technology And The Reposition Of Multifamily Assets

Brian Donnelly and Andrew Jones of Urban Complex on What Drives Their Efficiency and Creating MapAp

Brian is the co-founder and Director of Construction for Urban Complex. He started his career in the construction industry in 1997 and obtained his first general contractor’s license in 2003. He has owned several businesses in the industry, including roofing, electrical, flooring, and cabinets.

With more than 25 years of construction experience, he’s been involved in hundreds of residential home and multifamily renovations, as well as new construction. He’s a leader in the industry and known for his innovative processes on how to turn over quality renovations in 11 to 15 business days and do occupied units turns in eight hours.

Brian leads the company with his sense of urgency and commitment to always meeting and exceeding their clients’ expectations.

Andrew Jones

Andrew is the co-founder and Director of Business for Urban Complex. He studied both mechanical engineering and business administration and holds a degree in business management from the School of Business and Economics from Western Washington University.

Andrew holds several patents in the medical space and has developed, matured, and sold several businesses in the high-tech and medical device sectors. He leads the office financial administration and professional management teams.

Andrew is consistently looking to improve efficiencies throughout the organization in a never-ending effort to improve quality and pricing for their partners in multifamily.


MapAp is an app developed and used by Urban Complex to be more efficient in their turns. This tool gives them an advantage by being able to direct their crews and subcontractors to the units directly in a matter of minutes without confusion on where to go.

In This Episode

Patrick talks about the following with Brian and Andrew:

  • Exciting things about multifamily repositions.
  • What Urban Complex is doing differently to bring better teams to multifamily repositions.
  • How Urban Complex is getting units done in 11 to 15 days.
  • How Urban Complex makes use of electronic calendars to manage their projects.
  • The process and value engineering that Urban Complex brings to their projects.
  • What the culture in Urban Complex is like and the importance of trust in the relationships they build.
  • Urban Complex’s leadership approach that’s driving the efficiency in their outcomes.
  • How Urban Complex is hiring from outside the industry and training them with the necessary skills.
  • The importance of communication in Urban Complex’s success.
  • What led Urban Complex to create MapAp and how they are using it to be more efficient.
  • How MapAp can be used in other industries.
  • What’s next for MapAp.

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Patrick Antrim

Patrick Antrim is the Founder of Multifamily Leadership, LLC, a thought leadership platform providing streaming content around technology, innovation, and leadership. He also produces two of the highest level events in the Multifamily Apartment industry. The Multifamily Leadership brand is preparing Multifamily Leaders for the FUTURE. They honor the Best Places to Work in Multifamily®️ at our annual leadership Innovation summit.

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