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Leading with AI – Tech-Savvy Approach Transforming the Multifamily Industry

Welcome to our deep dive into the leadership of Larry Gorman, who currently serves as the President of LeaseHawk. A figure celebrated for his expansive career and strong support for innovation in the multifamily industry, Larry Gorman has shown what it means to be a trailblazer in a landscape that is forever evolving.

Larry’s experience spans more than two decades as a senior technology executive, where he has harnessed his leadership abilities to build teams that deliver significant business value via innovative technology use. At LeaseHawk, Larry’s focus is on spearheading a team that’s pushing the frontiers of artificial intelligence to ramp up leasing performance across the multifamily industry.

Larry Gorman, President of LeaseHawk at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit

His tenure prior to LeaseHawk is equally impressive. As the Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Invitation Homes—the largest owner/operator of single-family homes for lease in the U.S.—Larry led the technology unification after a watershed $20 billion merger with Starwood Waypoint Homes. This involved orchestrating a platform that managed the operations of a staggering 80,000 property portfolio.

At Starwood Waypoint Homes, his leadership in technology was pioneering, particularly in the incorporation of smart home technology in the single-family residential market. This feat alone has earned Larry a unique place in the history books of residential technology use.

His role at Choice Hotels International further cements his reputation, having been instrumental in the creation of the hospitality industry’s first large-scale, cloud-based property management system—a feat deployed across thousands of hotels globally and a testament to his vision for widespread technological adoption.

During his talk at the Multifamily Innovation® Showcase, Larry demonstrated not just his expertise, but also his commitment to service and the betterment of the industry. His invitation for others to experience LeaseHawk’s work firsthand – by directly interacting with their artificial intelligence solution dubbed “ACE” – and his openness to continue conversations surrounding technology’s role in advancing the industry, underscores his collaborative and forward-thinking approach.

Larry’s call to action—inviting professionals to take up the challenge of innovation and technology—reflects his philosophy of collective progress within the multifamily industry. He eagerly extends his wealth of knowledge to those ready to leap forward, thereby fostering a culture of incessant learning and improvement.

Larry Gorman’s journey through the multifamily industry has not only reshaped the landscape but also serves as inspiration for others. His leadership, characterized by innovation and an unyielding push towards efficiency, underscores the possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology and housing.

As the multifamily industry continues to evolve, figures like Larry Gorman remind us that at the heart of every significant technological stride is visionary leadership, a thorough understanding of the industry’s mechanics, and an unwavering commitment to service.

For those inspired by Larry’s work and interested in advancing multifamily innovation, consider exploring the Multifamily Innovation® Council – a platform where leaders gather to drive change through collaborative innovation, and where the shared vision of industry enhancement is pursued with relentless passion. It’s time to stand alongside industry leaders like Larry Gorman and make your mark.