What You May Not Know About Driving Better Apartment Unit Economics

Today, Patrick Antrim interviewed Demetri Themelis, the co-founder and CEO of Knock. Knock is a software platform that efficiently attracts, converts, and retains customers for commercial multifamily owners & operators.

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Demetri has led Knock in massive growth and helped many multifamily operators become more profitable. As someone who enjoys competition, he’s looking to produce the best product on the market.

In This Episode

Patrick and Demetri discuss the following:

  • How the multifamily market is making most properties perform well; however, there are a few that stand out above the rest
  • How most operators should be looking at their business, and how they currently are looking at it
  • What changes about an operator’s multifamily business because of renting being one of the oldest subscription models
  • Why the disconnect between operators and other areas of the business is hurting multifamily properties
  • How having the right technology improves how investors look at a deal, and are becoming critical
  • What flexibility can do for your employees and employee retention rate
  • Why you need to be able to measure the advantages you’re getting from new technology instead of blindly trusting your gut
  • How Knock is evolving and changing to better meet the needs of its customers
  • What Knock is doing to help disadvantaged potential renters

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