A Multifamily Smart Home Advisor Can Support You Today and Into the Future

Kyle Finney is a Business Development Manager at Arize. He works with real estate professionals to attract residents. Kyle is responsible for spearheading high-return marketing and sales campaigns.

Arize is a smart home technology company that focuses on sensors and alarms. Their systems find minor issues and notify maintenance before they develop into serious problems (like water leaks). They also help with security, utility optimization, and enable self-guided tours after hours.

In this episode, we covered:

  • Why partnering can lead to more benefits than just buying a product
  • How smart home tech as an industry is changing and growing
  • How Arize keeps its clients on the forefront of smart home technology instead of selling a product and being done
  • What smart home technology does to affect NOI and daily expenses
  • How Arize adapts to the specific situation their customers are in to provide tailored experiences
  • Why it’s important to have smart home tech that is built specifically for multifamily properties instead of single family homes
  • Why many properties claim they “can’t afford” smart home technology and hurt their NOI as a result
  • How machine learning AI is being implemented to help make smart home technology even more effective

Kyle Finney
Business Development Manager at Arize

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