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Demetrios Barnes on empowering owners and managers to make wise decisions and give the residents what they want and what they’re looking for.

Demetrios Barnes is the Chief Operating Officer of SmartRent, an enterprise home automation company developing software and hardware to help owners, property managers, and renters in multifamily communities. Before overseeing operations and business development at SmartRent, Demetrios led the internationalization of property management of Colony Starwood Homes across 12 states as its Vice President of Technology and Operations. He was also Director of Property Management and Technology with Beazer Pre-Owned Rental Homes and a Regional Manager for several multifamily companies.

In This Episode

Patrick and Demetrios talk about:

  • How Demetrios evaluates new technology, vendors, platforms, apps, and solutions as they enter the field of real estate property management.
  • The usual questions that Demetrios gets when meeting with various people and stakeholders in multifamily communities.
  • SmartRent’s specific product and offering such as the hub base and the way the product comes to the market.
  • The collaboration among the multifamily industry to bring value to the communities.
  • The general ROI for property managers in adapting SmartRent’s tech solutions.
  • How the tech solutions are empowering ownerships and management companies to rethink their processes.
  • The difficulty with using WiFi-only technologies in managing multifamily properties.
  • Demetrios’ suggestion or advice for organizations running real estate companies and are looking to get better in their business and innovate.
  • The challenges of hiring technologists and getting them up to speed and helping them understand the business.
  • The onboarding process and how the SmartRent team makes sure the products don’t run flat.
  • Demetrios’ final message to those who are looking into bringing tech to their property management business.

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