Tylenol for the Multifamily Staffing Headache

Kyle Burkett is the managing director of asset management at Nicol Investment Company. He helps define the company’s growth strategy and runs the operations and development programs of the organization. He started in real estate when he was 19 as a leasing consultant, and now has a focus in multifamily properties.

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In This Episode

Patrick and Kyle discuss the following:

  • How the post-COVID environment is affecting the real estate industry
  • Why conventional hiring is no longer effective as employee desires change
  • Why it was important to launch AI-powered tours and leasing for the entire company last year
  • How Nicol Investment is using chatbots and virtual leasing agents to improve margins, customer experience, and employee satisfaction
  • What sort of ROI an AI can bring on a monthly and annual basis
  • What the costs of missed phone calls really are
  • Exactly what AI powered leasing does for you, how it works, and why it’s beneficial for multifamily properties
  • How AI can pair with agentless property tours to create a flexible leasing arrangement for potential residents with unusual schedules, such as nurses

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