Transforming Tech From Startup to Industry Powerhouse

What does it take to transform a two-person startup into a powerhouse in the high-speed internet industry? Join us as Sean Gorman, owner and CEO of Safety Net Access, unveils his remarkable journey. From pioneering in hospitality to expanding into multifamily units and commercial properties through their division, Amicus Networx, Sean shares how his competitive spirit from professional sports has shaped the company’s success. You’ll learn the secrets behind their seamless transition between industries and the crucial role robust customer service plays in their growth.

Imagine running a tech company that maintains a personal touch in every interaction—Sean does just that. Discover how Amicus Networx has built strong relationships with clients by prioritizing direct communication and educating customers to manage expectations effectively. We delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by evolving technology in construction, and how Amicus Networx simplifies tech integration to meet high service expectations, especially for complex tech needs like gaming setups.

With a strategic in-house software team in Belfast, Ireland, and a focus on hiring the right talent, Safety Net Access fosters innovation and maintains its stellar reputation. We explore the increasing demand for bandwidth in both hospitality and multifamily industries, and the importance of understanding diverse client needs. Sean also shares insights on navigating business partnerships and providing a white glove experience. Learn how their various divisions create an ecosystem that enhances customer experience and problem-solving capabilities. Don’t miss this episode packed with actionable insights and inspiring stories!

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