C-Suite Strategies: The Multifamily Innovation® Council’s Guide to Profitability

The Multifamily Innovation® Council is for Multifamily Executives who want to drive profitability inside their company. This episode delves into why the Multifamily Innovation® Council isn't just an Executive level membership organization, but a movement. It fosters weekly dynamic interactions that fuel year-round growth without the constraints of a static, annual events. In this episode, ...

The Multifamily AI Summit Is Here

Prepare to mark your calendars and join the revolution at the cutting edge of technology and Multifamily Real Estate as I, Patrick Antrim, unveil the game-changing Multifamily Innovation® AI Summit. Imagine an industry where artificial intelligence propels profitability and productivity to unprecedented heights – that's the future we're crafting at the Multifamily Innovation® Council.Throu ...

Revolutionizing the Rental Landscape with Automation, AI, and Multifamily Housing Innovations

Explore the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast’s latest episode, “Revolutionizing the Rental Landscape: Automation, AI, and Multifamily Housing Innovations”. Delve into the transformation of the rental industry through advanced technologies like automation and artificial intelligence. This WordPress podcast show notes page will provide you with an insight into significant multifamily housing innovations reshaping today’s rental market.

Exploring the Drone Revolution and its Impact on Multifamily Property Management

Discover the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast’s latest episode. Delve into the exciting world of drone technology and how it’s revolutionizing multifamily property management. This tech-centric episode provides valuable insights and discussions on drone implementations, benefits, challenges, and the future of drones in property management. Perfect for property managers, tech enthusiasts, and investors looking to stay ahead in the multifamily property sector.

Unfolding the AI Transformation in Multifamily Leasing and Management with Brock MacLean

Explore the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast’s episode with Brock MacLean as we delve into the powerful impact of AI on multifamily leasing and management. Discover how artificial intelligence revolutionizes property management by increasing efficiency, optimizing tenant engagement and elevating the overall tenant experience. Stay updated on the latest innovations transforming the rental housing industry with this informative podcast episode.

Moshe Crane, VP of Strategic Initiatives and Branding at Sage Ventures

In an industry often seduced by buzzwords and herd mentality, the latest episode of the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast with host Patrick Antrim offers a vital antidote. Featuring guest Moshe Crane, VP of Strategic Initiatives and Branding at Sage Ventures, this episode is an urgent call to action for every high-level executive who wants to stay ahead in the multifamily landscape.