Surviving the Storm: Navigating Hail Damage in Texas – A Guide for Multifamily Property Owners

By Patrick Antrim | June 22, 2023

In this episode of the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast, host Patrick Antrim spends time with Marc Ness, founder of WeatherShield, who shares his expertise on protecting property investments during severe weather conditions. Marc, who has over two decades of experience in construction, investment, and insurance, provides insights on how to prepare for and handle weather-related property damage claims. He emphasizes the importance of […]

The Biggest Obstacles to Healthy Apartment Cash Flow

By Patrick Antrim | June 16, 2023

In this episode of the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast, host Patrick Antrim provides an inside look at the most recent meeting of the Multifamily Innovation® Council. This Council is open to multifamily owners and operators with 1,500 units or more who are dedicated to driving innovation in the multifamily industry. The episode delves into the significance of comprehending the financial impact of a multifamily […]

Standardized and Normalized Data in the Multifamily Industry

By Patrick Antrim | June 8, 2023

Today on the Multifamily Innovation® Show, Patrick Antrim discusses the importance of standardized and normalized data in the multifamily industry with Elizabeth Braman, Co-Founder and CEO of Revolution RE. Elizabeth’s company provides tactical insights and reporting for peak apartment performance. The episode also includes announcements for the Multifamily Innovation® Summit and the Multifamily Innovation® Council, which provides support and networking opportunities for owners and operators of 1,500 […]

Multifamily Innovation® and the Role of Digital Transformation

By Patrick Antrim | May 25, 2023

Welcome to the newest episode of The Multifamily Innovation® Podcast, your go-to platform for gaining an edge in the multifamily apartment industry. This episode is hosted by Patrick Antrim, the Founder, and CEO of Multifamily Leadership. In this episode, we are excited to share some key announcements and introduce our guest, Steve Jarvis, the CEO of CredHub. We’re delighted to announce that the planning […]

Organic Renewal Strategy for Apartment Leasing

By Patrick Antrim | May 16, 2023

In today’s episode of the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast, we dive into the value of fitness programs inside your apartment community and how one company is catching momentum from some top brands in Multifamily. Host, Patrick Antrim, talks with the Founder of Swyft Fitness, Will Gonzalez who is rethinking what is possible for fitness programs at multifamily properties across the nation. Overview of the […]

Unveiling Trends and Differentiators: A Deep Dive into the Best Places to Work Multifamily®

By Patrick Antrim | May 10, 2023

In this episode of The Multifamily Innovation® Podcast, host, Patrick Antrim, CEO of Multifamily Leadership, takes a deep dive into the Year-on-Year (YOY) trends among the Best Places to Work Multifamily®, and the key differentiators that set these companies apart. What you’ll learn in this episode: The increasing emphasis on Inclusion among the Best Places to Work Multifamily®, including a […]

Taking Action Outside Your Comfort Zone in Multifamily

By Patrick Antrim | May 9, 2023

In this episode of the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast, host Patrick Antrim delves into the power of stepping outside our comfort zones in order to spark innovation and success within the multifamily industry. Show Notes: Introduction: Patrick emphasizes the importance of taking action outside our comfort zones in order to foster innovation within multifamily organizations. Challenges: Often, individuals may feel reluctant to take […]

Digital Rent Collection: Strategies and Insights for Apartment Owners

By Patrick Antrim | May 1, 2023

In this episode of the Multifamily Innovation® Show, Patrick Antrim talks with Mark Peters, the President of Zego. Mark previously was the head of finance, payment operations, and business systems departments and has over 10 years of finance experience in the high-tech and payments space, resulting in an IPO and multiple positive exits. Patrick and Mark discuss their thoughts on macro […]

Beyond Excel: Unlocking the Power of Decision Intelligence in Multifamily Property Management

By Patrick Antrim | March 22, 2023

The Multifamily Innovation® Show brings you the latest insights and strategies to help you succeed in the multifamily real estate industry. Our guest for this episode is Briant Carcamo. He’s the Co-CEO of Vizibly and a seasoned real estate professional with an impressive track record in revenue management, budgeting, and business intelligence at some of the largest multifamily property management firms, including […]

Proptech: The Multifamily Industry’s Secret Weapon to Economic Resiliency

By Patrick Antrim | February 16, 2023

In this episode of the Multifamily Innovation® Show, Patrick Antrim talks with Kyle Finney, Business Development Manager of Arize, to illustrate how smart tech can be leveraged affordably. And how, even in tight cost-cutting times, owners can fortify their portfolio by optimizing their operational efficiencies, maintaining strong retention and occupancy rates, and building more resilience into their assets. At the end […]