From Innovating Airline Ticketing to Solving Multifamily Rent Delinquency

Steve Jarvis is the CEO of CredHub, and has an incredible background in travel, working for Expedia and Alaska Airlines. He’s always been on the cutting edge of technology in his sector, helping Alaskan Airlines be the first domestic airline to sell tickets over the internet, and again first to do mobile check in. 


Now he is at CredHub, a company focused on helping owners and operators reduce rent delinquency while also providing incredible value to the residents. They’re able to do this by reporting monthly rent payments to credit bureaus. 

In This Episode

Patrick and Steve discuss the following:

  • How reporting monthly payments to credit bureaus can reduce rent delinquency by 50% or more
  • Why the 10% of “credit invisible” US adults can benefit even more from this (30% among low-income adults)
  • How to increase rent’s priority among all of the resident’s monthly payments
  • What Steve has learned and transferred from his successes in the travel industry
  • Why you need to focus on the 90% of the customer base, not the remaining 10%
  • How to keep the pressure off of operators who feel like they don’t have the time to report to credit bureaus 
  • Why investors AND potential customers want access to credit reporting
  • Where credit reporting is going in regards to selecting prospective renters

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