Harnessing AI and Automation: Reshaping the Future of Multifamily Property Management

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Revolutionizing the Future of Multifamily Real Estate: A Blueprint for Sustainable and Technology-Driven Growth

Explore the future of multifamily real estate on our Wordpress blog page, Multifamily Innovation® Summit. We provide a detailed blueprint highlighting sustainable growth strategies using cutting-edge technology. For key insights into property management efficiency, carbon neutral buildings and smart home integrations, navigate to our multifamily real estate blog. Join the revolution for sustainable, technology-driven growth in multifamily properties.

Redefining Multifamily Living Through Innovative Strategies and Cutting-Edge Technology: The Ultimate Guide

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Technology is Changing the Way We Work in Multifamily

Scott Pechersky is the Senior Vice President of Technology for Alliance Residential Company. He is responsible for Alliance’s corporate infrastructure which includes developing and implementing new technologies across their portfolio and providing support and training to property associates for the latest in IT initiatives. Scott also oversees Alliance’s property management software solutions, its business intelligence division, online leasing platforms, resident portals, and additional third-party programs for communities.

The Pulse on Gen Z and How Buildings Will Interact

Kerry Kirby is an entrepreneur, speaker, and technology innovator. He’s the founder and CEO of 365 Connect, a leading provider of award-winning marketing, leasing, and resident technology platforms for the multifamily housing industry. Kerry has propelled his 365 Connect brand from a scrappy boot-strapped startup to an internationally known and recognized company. He has been a guest lecturer, featured speaker, and panelist at numerous universities, national conferences, and events. He’s been featured on BBC Digital Planet program, NPR News, and various other media outlets. He’s written the foreword to a nationally published book on real estate and technology and co-hosted over 100 industry webcasts reaching over one million listeners. He’s often quoted as an expert on technology.