Revolutionizing the Rental Landscape with Automation, AI, and Multifamily Housing Innovations

In an engaging interview with Kerry W. Kirby, the Founder and CEO of 365 Connect, we delve into the ever-changing landscape of property management through the lens of automation and artificial intelligence.

Automated Leasing Platforms: Kerry Kirby introduces us to an automated lease signing platform that promises precision and ease for multifamily owners and operators. By harnessing the robust legal framework of Blue Moon’s lease documents and integrating with screening services, 365 Connect is reducing the margin for error.

The Fight Against Multifamily Labor Shortages: With a strategic blend of AI and automation dubbed Intelligent Automation, Kirby outlines how embracing technology can offer a stark solution to the industry’s pain points regarding labor shortages and the grind of repetitive tasks while emphasizing the pivotal role of compliance in this journey.

Streamline with AI:
The pressing issue of bureaucratic red tape, especially in light of new regulations like the junk fee bill, cannot be overstated. With compliance at its core, 365 Connect has placed systematic guardrails to ensure operators stay within the bounds of the law without compromise.

Personalization vs. Personal:
An intriguing contrast highlighted by Patrick Antrim emphasizes the shifting paradigm from traditional personnel-heavy operations to a personalized, technology-driven approach. Integrating technology, he suggests, does not detract from customer experience; on the contrary, it elevates it by providing team members with tools to enhance their capabilities.

Starting Small:
A nod towards cautious optimism is given as Patrick suggests a parallel adoption strategy, ensuring validation at every step in favor of large-scale, untested changes.

Multifamily Customer-Centric Innovation:
Both Antrim and Kirby agree that any technological integration must prioritize the customer experience. It’s about a delicate balance between tech and touch, where augmented human interaction remains paramount.

The 365 Connect Promise:
Kerry W. Kirby proudly notes 365 Connect’s commitment to personalized, no-pressure service – truly a hallmark of their customer-centric ethos.

Enthusiasm for 365 Connect’s Technological Advances:
As the conversation nears its end, Patrick Antrim applauds Kirby’s forward-thinking vision in the creation of a lease signing experience that is not only seamless but a substantial addition to 365 Connect’s already impressive array of technologies.

Equip your multifamily operation with the expert insights and groundbreaking tools of the digital age – because at Multifamily Innovation, we believe in crafting tomorrow’s living experiences today, and with Kerry W. Kirby’s guidance, the path has never been clearer.

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