Multifamily Leadership Recognizes Industry Leaders at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit

Dec. 7, 2023, Phoenix, Arizona – At the Multifamily Innovation® Summit held on December 5-6, 2023, Multifamily Leadership celebrated the recipients of the prestigious Multifamily Innovation® Awards. High-level and senior executives from across the country convened in Phoenix, Arizona to honor and celebrate the achievements of those at the forefront of change and progress in the multifamily industry.

The Multifamily Innovation® Awards underscore the critical role of innovators who are not just adapting to changes but are actively driving them. Each winner represents a unique aspect of progress, from technological advancements to sustainable practices and community development.

“As Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council and CEO of Multifamily Leadership, I am deeply impressed by the caliber of talent and innovation showcased in this year’s Multifamily Innovation® Awards. Each awardee represents the pinnacle of creativity and forward-thinking in our industry. Their contributions are not just enhancing the multifamily sector but are setting a benchmark for excellence. These awards highlight the vital role of innovation in shaping a vibrant, sustainable, and resident-centric future in multifamily living. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and look forward to the continued evolution and growth they will bring to our industry.” – Patrick Antrim, Chairman, Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council and CEO, Multifamily Leadership.

The annual Multifamily Innovation® Summit has earned its place as the premier networking event in the industry, serving as a conduit for leading voices and fresh perspectives. The Summit presents an unparalleled opportunity for industry leaders to connect. Here, they engage in overcoming challenges, fostering innovative thinking, and forming collaborations with forefront companies in innovation. This event is not just a meeting place; it’s a breeding ground for future-facing strategies and groundbreaking industry advancements.

19 companies and individuals received the honor of winning a 2024 Multifamily Innovation® Award.

Here is the list of distinguished winners in alphabetical order by award category:

  • Advertising & Marketing Multifamily Owner/Operator – Keeley Properties 
  • Advertising & Marketing Multifamily Vendor/Supplier – Rent. 
  • Bootstrapper Award 1-4 Years – Elevated Living 
  • Bootstrapper Award 5-10 Years – Repli 
  • Chief Financial Officer Award – Evan Brown, Chief Financial Officer, The Garrett Companies
  • Chief Technology Officer Award Owner/Operator – Dale Sennie, Director of Innovative Technology, The Breeden Company 
  • Chief Technology Officer Award Vendor/Supplier – Tom Chomiak, Chief Technology Officer, LCP Media 
  • Community Impact – Gables Residential 
  • Development Award – OM Housing 
  • Emerging Technology Owner/Operator – Lantower Residential  
  • Emerging Technology Vendor/Supplier – LeaseHawk 
  • Executive of the Year – Keith T. Jones, President & CEO of Oakwood Management Company 
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Ramon Breeden, Jr., Chairman of the Board, The Breeden Company 
  • Property Design Award – Thompson Thrift 
  • Renovation and Rehabilitation Awards – OM Housing 
  • Sustainability Award – Hudson Valley Property Group 
  • Tech Innovator of the Year – Ned Hill, Chief Executive Officer of Position Imaging, Inc. 
  • Technical Professional of the Year – Andrea Martinez, Operations Manager, FCI Residential 
  • Venture-Backed Award – Fortress

Multifamily Leadership extends its warmest congratulations to all winners and anticipates another year of steadfast innovation and transformative leadership in the multifamily industry.

About Multifamily Leadership: Multifamily Leadership paves the path towards excellence in the multifamily sector. It assists multifamily executives and organizations to chart their future with insights, innovations, and strategies, while honoring businesses that are redefining their practices and implementing innovative methods to enhance their multifamily operations.

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