Building a Team for Innovation

Larry Gorman on what it takes to build a leadership team to bring on innovations into your business and what executives need to know about what’s next around smart home, smart cities, and IOT.

Larry Gorman is the Chief Operating Officer for LeaseHawk, a provider of software and services powered by artificial intelligence for the apartment industry to track prospects, optimize marketing activities, and close leases faster. He is a senior technology executive with more than 20 years of experience building and leading teams to deliver business value through the innovative use of technology.

In This Episode

Patrick and Larry talk about the following:

  • The disruptive things that LeaseHawk is doing, particularly leveraging voice to solve some pervasive problems in the multifamily space.
  • A project in the 90s that Larry was able to work on in the hospitality company he was with.
  • How to leverage technology to solve specific problems in the multifamily and single-family space.
  • The use of smart locks to easily manage and control home access.
  • How executives can build teams and make decisions when they want to innovate and do something that has never been done before.
  • How operators can pick the right vendor and partner.
  • Recognizing that some operators are not not strong on technology in real estate and how it led them to build a great partnership with PointCentral.
  • Larry’s background in guest experience in the hospitality industry and how it translates well to resident experience in apartments and homes.
  • Driving customer satisfaction for a resident.
  • The different compelling innovations in voice technology.
  • Introducing voice-enabled virtual assistants to help with the processes of leasing an apartment.
  • The calls and data recorded by LeaseHawk and its value in training the AI models to understand what a caller trying to do when they’re calling.
  • Getting better analytics from the technology available to help you understand what’s driving the traffic and how well your marketing functions are working.
  • How Larry got excited to join LeaseHawk.
  • Larry’s tips for executives on building leadership teams.
  • What Larry looks for when hiring someone.
  • The importance of encouraging people in a team to be innovators.
  • Larry’s final thoughts on innovation.

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