Adding Revenue Streams to Multifamily Properties with Electric Vehicle Charging

David Aaronson is the founder of Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions (REVS). Having previously spent decades working within real estate, he now aims to help the industry adapt to the shift to electrical vehicles. 

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Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions works with real estate owners and operators to set them up to handle the oncoming switch to an electric vehicle infrastructure. Unlike other electric car charging companies, REVS is led by a team with decades of multifamily experience. It aims to add another source of revenue to properties with electric car charging.

This episode discusses:

  • What car companies are doing in regards to electric cars
  • How adding electric vehicle (EV) charging is different for existing properties versus properties that are in development
  • How the lifespan of a multifamily property affects how it needs to prepare for the EV shift
  • What the percentage of electric cars on a property is likely to be in the next 5, 10, and 20 years
  • Why multifamily property owners should be jumping to have EV charging stations installed
  • How a property can add another stream of revenue instead of just raising rents to make a return on investment (it’s like adding a gas station onto your property!)
  • What types of charging stations make sense for multifamily properties based on their situation
  • How many electric vehicles one EV charger could potentially service
  • How to easily have your property checked for the feasibility of EV charging based on your electrical infrastructure
  • Why not having EV charging stations will hurt in ways you can’t see
  • If no one asks about charging stations, it doesn’t mean there’s no demand. It means they’re looking online first
  • How having residents pay to charge increases their satisfaction and reduces the number of charging stations needed
  • What REVS is doing to prevent EV charging stations from being a burden on the operator’s team
  • What the ROI looks like for EV charging stations on a multifamily property

Do you want to know if Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions (REVS) is a fit for your property?


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Founder of Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions (REVS)

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