A Winning Philosophy for Multifamily Investors with Tanner B. Bickelhaupt

In this interview, Patrick Antrim, CEO of Multifamily Leadership shares time with Tanner B. Bickelhaupt who is the founding Principal of The tanbic Company with more than 13 years of real estate, finance and management experience. Tanner’s investment track record includes successfully investing in multiple asset classes, in multiple markets and through different economic cycles. Tanner guides the firms overall strategic direction, including developing investment strategies, sourcing suitable investments for acquisition, developing relationships with high quality operating partners and sourcing and maintaining capital partner and lender relationships.

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Prior to forming The Tanbic Company, Tanner was the Director of Real Estate for Black Rock Development, a real estate development company representing more than 44 entities with a real estate portfolio valued at over $550M. In 2011, Tanner joined a full-service real estate investment and management company that acquired, developed, built and managed over 9,000 units in multifamily communities in the west and mid-western states. Since 2011, Tanner has raised over $150M of private equity through high-net worth accredited investors which resulted in over $350M of asset purchases throughout the United States.

In this episode, we discuss:

Tanner shares his journey to becoming a Multifamily Property Owner and Investor. Tanner planned and took the steps 2 years before he launched his Multifamily Private Equity Firm.

Tanner stays positive before the day begins to allow him to focus and face the challenges in the business.

As an owner, how Tanner interacts with his management teams.

Results with brand and unique marketing to increase value.

Senior living focus

In todays world, we have the smartest equity, smartest debt, smartest buyers and smartest sellers. To make a real return, you have to buy a property, run it perfectly.

People that are turning 72 years and older is growing by 2.1%. In 2019-2025 it grows by 28%. Demand is not the issue. The problem is, how do you staff it?

Technology and Senior Living

The demand for capital on Tanbic Investment Programs.

The Tanbic philosophy and leveraging 3rd party management.

What does a management company need to do to understand owners needs?

The value of the investment in people.

A seasoned mentorship can get a deal done.

Selecting a Multifamily Third Party Management Company

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