A Journey to a Culture of Innovation

K.P. Reddy, Founder of Shadow Ventures, a globally-recognized authority in the built environment and a civil engineer from the Georgia Institute of Technology. For more than 25 years, he has been a technologist, subject matter expert, founder, CEO, and investor.

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K.P. Reddy on Collaboration and Having a Startup Mindset When Building Communities and Implementing Ideas

K.P. has had many roles, including selling three large built-tech companies. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Fox News, TechCrunch, and so many more.

In This Episode

Patrick and K.P. discuss the following in this podcast:

  • What K.P. is into.
  • P.’s thoughts on productivity and taking time off.
  • What K.P. thinks of the multifamily space and where it’s heading.
  • Lessons and ideas from startups that can be applied or used in multifamily.
  • How to sell and market an idea to millennials.
  • How to start something so that ideas lead to great results.
  • What K.P. thinks of using new technology and innovations to transform an organization.
  • P.’s opinion on how to attract talent and bring teams in for innovation in the multifamily industry.

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